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Have you ever wanted a simple way to keep notes on your DotNetNuke website? Sure you could use the HTML module, but managing who can see your notes is very cumbersome. dnnNotes solves this problem by allowing any user with access to the dnnNotes module to create their own notes. Whether it is a shopping list, or a list of items which you need to fix on the site, or just some information that you want to save for later. Not only that, but dnnNotes includes the ability to view, edit and create notes from your mobile device.



  • Create simple notes that are stored on your DotNetNuke site.
  • Notes are secured - only you can view your notes.
  • Access your notes using a secure webservice from your mobile device.
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Great Sample App

dnnNotes was built to highlight some key DotNetNuke features including:
  • Uses the ContentItem API to store and retrieve module data
  • Uses secure WCF based webservices

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